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So, what’s changed?

- We now have ‘smart’ intelligent buildings loaded with technology;
- Owners demanding access to cheaper energy markets;
- More energy-efficient plant that can be retrofitted;
- Busy, ‘time-poor’ Committee members who want easier ways to respond to issues;
- Ever-evolving legislative requirements; 

- Ever-increasing liability risks for Owners; 
- Ever-increasing demands for better performance, accountability, specialist expertise and communication. And on it goes… 

For the Park Avenue Group, just ‘keeping-up’ isn’t our aim – we always want to be leading the field, with innovative use of the latest systems and technology, and in-house divisions that specialise in building management and defect rectification.

Body Corporate Managers & Strata Title Specialists

A decade’s experience in making strata management simpler and more enjoyable for Owners and their Committees.

– Kim Jordan, consultant to the group.

All our clients enjoy:
- Superlative proactive and personalized attention – with minimal delays.
- As much guidance and assistance for the Committee as they need to make their tasks so much easier.
- Access to the ‘Collaborate’ web-forum for their building, providing an ideal place for discussions and an easy way for Committees to arrive at decisions. Learn more about ‘Collaborate’ here…
- Draft Committee Meeting Minutes distributed within 48 hours of the Meeting.
- Guidance on selecting the best lawyers and consultants when they are required so that the Body Corporate uses its funds sensibly and efficiently.
- Instant financial status reports for the Committee or any Owner – at no charge.
- Unsurpassed budgeting expertise enables the Committee to present the best financial strategies to Owners.
- Access to our in-house Facilities Management and Defect Rectification Management divisions, thus ensuring that building and equipment maintenance and major defect rectification can be effectively managed.


Facilities & Building Management

Increasing value while limiting costs through the more efficient use of resources is our aim. Achieving this, with optimum plant availability and controlled risk management, is our specialty.

With over 30 years of built-environment experience and a passion for customer service, Park Avenue take pleasure in managing your buildings to (or beyond) the standard you expect. From concierge style workplace management for premium office environments, to common area management for Strata buildings, to whole-of-building facilities management -  we can tailor a solution that meets your requirements and needs. Our ‘in-house’ general maintenance service provides a cost effective path for resolving minor maintenance items while we maintain a portfolio of common trade services readily available as required.
Common services include:  - Whole of building facilities management;
- tenancy and fit-out management;
- client side project management;
- disaster recovery and remediation;
- defect rectification management;
- General maintenance and trade services.


Defect Rectification Management

If not competently managed, defect rectification can become a frustratingly drawn out and very costly experience for Owners. 

Significant building defects regularly cause major worries and concerns for building owners while increasing the workload for building management and Body Corporate Committees.
If not correctly addressed defects can lead to further deterioration of the building structure, significantly increased maintenance costs and possible safety risks to public and occupants.

These defects, whether tackled inside or outside the statutory timeframes, should be professionally managed to minimise adverse or additional costs and reduce the risk of liability for building owners.

The defect management matrix varies greatly dependant on the stake holders involved and the quantum of the issues. However, common issues requiring overall management and coordination in this area include: general defect identification surveys, specialist consultant reports, rectification methodology scopes, costing surveys, alternate options, expert witnesses, briefing and collaboration with legal teams, tendering and client side management of repairs.
Our in-house Defect Rectification division can coordinate all the services required to manage this process on behalf of a building owner or Body Corporate. Regular progress reports and financial updates allow the owners to stay informed and in control while the day to day details are managed by us.


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General Office Contacts

Body Corporate Management

Phone: (07) 3737 3102

Facilities Management

Phone: (07) 3124 6223

Defect Management

Phone: (07) 3124 6223

Direct Contacts

Rebecca O'Neill  Dip of Mgt (Strata)
General Manager - Strata

Phone: (07) 3737 3102

Laura Warburton
Portfolio Manager - Strata

Phone: (07) 3737 3107

Our Partners and Advisors

Legal Advisors

Strata Legislation:
Andrew Suttie – Nicholsons
Frank Higginson - Hynes Legal
Development & Titling Structure:
Matthew Weaver - Nicholsons
Matthew Derrick - Norton Rose Fulbright
Building Defects:
Alex Power - McCullough Robertson Lawyers
Kathie Sadler – Sadler Advisory Services

Accounting Services

Confidential Tax & Business Services
Strata Auditors:
John Garforth & Associates

Other Advisors

Strata Insurance
Direct Insurance Brokers
Corporate Insurance
Direct Insurance Brokers
Strata Compliance Reports
Matthew Stanley – Asset Economics
Energy Consultants
Andrew McNair – Energy Options Australia
Corporate Advisory & Investor Relations
David Wing- Dixon Capital
Macquarie Group

Technology Providers

Strata Management Software:
'MyStrata' by Urbanise
‘Collaborate’ Owners Forum:
a Park Avenue product
Facilities Management Software:
On-line Meeting Voting:

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