What is 'Collaborate' and how do we use it?

Collaborate' is a custom designed, 'web-enabled' communication portal for your Body Corporate.

It is a tool that enables all owners, Committee members, the resident caretaker/manager, and your Body Corporate manager to better communicate with each other - easier communication on the myriad of issues and projects, large and small, that must be dealt with by every Body Corporate.
Important Body Corporate documents can now be accessed via Collaborate, e.g. Meeting Minutes, Insurance details, CMS, Agreements, etc.
The Electronic Committee Voting module in Collaborate now makes issuing and monitoring these votes a breeze.
A ‘Projects’ feature allows projects the Body Corporate is working on be more easily tracked and managed.

Advantages over e-mail

Advantages over e-mail Collaborate groups discussion issues under Categories, and then in Topics - so with all the comments on a particular Issue/Topic nicely grouped and listed in the order received (or able to be listed in the order of person submitting) it makes for easy tracking and followup. The history and progress (or lack of it) on an issue is readily displayed.

For example, the default Categories include:

  • Building Issues

  • Committee Issues

  • Gardens & Grounds Issues

  • Special Projects

  • Resident Manager's Forum

  • General Chat - (discuss anything else here)

  • E-mail is then used automatically by the Collaborate system to send to all subscribers an ‘advisory’ when someone has added a new Comment or Topic - so you don't miss out on knowing what is going on.

  • You can 'opt out' from receiving these 'advisory e-mails' at any time, for example if you’re going away on holidays, and then ‘re-connect’ when it suits you.

Restricted Topics

  • Your Committee has the ability to restrict viewing on a particular Topic to just Committee members, so that they can also use Collaborate to facilitate Committee business matters.

How to Register and view discussions

  • We will automatically Register all Committee members for whom we have an e-mail address.

  • Owners not already registered with Collaborate, can click on the link below to send us your registration request details.

  • When we activate your registration, you will receive an e-mail advising that you are Registered, and it will supply your Login details.

Want to Register or Login to 'Collaborate'?

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