Our Philosophy

It’s all about the people and staff…
It’s all about the tools, procedures and practices they use… 
And, it’s all about experience. 
We are the Park Avenue Group – the sum of the parts – and quite simply, ‘the best of the best’.

- We know that happy staff = happy clients! -

Our staff, and the friendly and helpful way they interact with our clients and partners is critical to our operations and how successful we will be. And we realise that ensuring our staff are happy and confident goes a long way towards their interacting well with each other and our clients.
Whilst it may seem obvious that how well the staff are remunerated, how nice their work environment is, how sympathetic and generous their work contracts are – together with ensuring that their individual workloads are never too excessive – all of these issues are so important, yet it is amazing that so many companies don’t go near far enough in trying to excel in these areas.

- Getting the systems and procedures optimised is SO important! -

Paying a lot of attention to the selection and on-going review of the systems and procedures that the staff are given to use is also hugely important – to their job satisfaction and overall efficiency. It includes things like the accounting and building management software, client-facing systems, on-line and paper data-gathering forms, and clarity and simplicity of Meeting documentation. Everyone is a winner if all of these systems and procedures are fine-tuned and are the very best that can be achieved.
To achieve these goals often requires special, even bespoke, software, and in this regard we are fortunate to be the only Body Corporate Management company to be licensed to use the ‘Collaborate’ web forum program with our clients. It is a superlative communication tool for Owners, Committees, and their Body Corporate manager. Modern ‘cloud-based’ products provide some outstanding benefits for our staff and our clients.

- There’s more to staff education than just attending seminars. -

A big part of being able to service our clients’ needs in a superlative manner relies on our providing the very best advice and guidance. This includes advice pertaining to the strata governance legislation, but it also includes advice based on our experience with what may be a similar issue, or advice on choosing the best lawyer for a particular matter, or on the ideal consultant. How we achieve this comes down to more than a decade’s experience – and on continually striving to have the individual staff members become confident with the legislation, general meeting governance matters, financial accounts and budgeting nuances. Formal attendances at training seminars all helps of course, but what really accelerates the accumulation and dissemination of knowledge is how our staff interrelate in the daily office environment. We actively encourage and facilitate the sharing of experiences and the joint cooperation in coming up with the most appropriate solutions for our clients. This is how our staff grow.

- and so in summary…

We are deeply-experienced Strata and building management professionals, supported by systems and procedures that are the very best, and what this means for our clients is that they are conscious of the reassurance that things will just be done right!

We have high expectations, - and so do our clients.    It’s a perfect match!