Resources & Links

Office of the Commissioner for Body Corporate & Community Management - official Government website - contains a lot of very helpful information.
The Body Corporate & Community Management Act(BCCMA) in Queensland is administered by the Dept. of Justice and Attorney-General. The link above is the entry page into the BCCMA area.

Commissioner's Office ADJUDICATORS DECISIONS on Submitted
Disputes. A large listing of Adjudicators Decisions and Orders on disputes submitted by Owners and related parties.

Some details on  MAINTENANCE  issues as they apply to a Body Corporate. Includes clarification regarding Lot boundaries and Common property for the different types of subdivision that may apply to a Scheme.

Click on this link to send us a Request to Keep a Pet and we will submit your request to the Body Corporate Committee.

Body Corporate & Community Management Legislation:
The BCCM Act (1997) and as amended - download here.
The Standard Module Regulation - download here.
The Accommodation Module Regulation - download here.
The Commercial Module - download here.

Combustible Cladding Bill 2018 - download here.

Our Fees and Charges - download here.

Spending Money in a Community Title Scheme:
Use this flow diagram to make sense of the legislative rules for spending money in your Body Corporate. Click on the image below to download the diagram.